The Midnight Peach began as a single-page comic, first published in Piecework Anthology from Sister Sister Books in 2015.

The second stage of this project was a companion book called Prayers and Conversations for the Midnight Peach. It is an exploration of the liminal space between waking and sleep, centered on a girl and a spider who observes her. This book includes three types of handmade paper; the endpapers are grey silk made from a nightgown, the flyleaf is a blend of linen and abaca, and the title page is made from cotton bedsheets.

The book includes eight linocut illustrations and hand-set lead type, as well as text printed from photopolymer plates. The binding is a link stitch, hard bound with cotton bookcloth and a foil-stamped front cover. The edition size is 16.

The final stage was the installation Now Lie in It, created over two days living inside an open gallery, photocopying and collaging bedding, making books, and sleeping. I performed this piece as both the girl (the witnessed) and the spider (the witness, the webmaker), seeking to resolve their narrative.

Byproducts of this project include these 12"x13" prints on handmade paper, where sculpted silk, cotton, linen, and abaca pulp with eggshell inclusions has been photocopied onto handmade linen paper and mounted on handmade cotton.


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